Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry


“I know that the present work will stand unchallenged as to the Truths it contains, and this for the reason that I quote from the highest Masonic authorities in the world, and that which concerns Mystic Masonry comes direct from him who knows and who has no superior in this work.”

Part 1

Part 2

“After Solomon had deplored the loss of Hiram Abiff, and with him the Master’s Word and the Secret manner of using it, Hiram, King of Tyre, arose and reminded King Solomon that Nathan, the Prophet, was still alive and might render some assistance in his present calamity. Solomon, therefore, ordered Benaiah, Captain of the Guards, to search out and bring before him Nathan, the Prophet.”

Part 3

“…the consequent wrecking of the continent of America when the globe became involved in the consequences of the disorder of the skies. America (known to the Mystic as Atlantis), when this ruin befel, was the seat of the greatest empire that has ever existed, and its irresistible armies were terrorizing all Europe and Asia.”


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