Alien Races KGB book


A lot of what you see in this video will bring you into the know about the many ‘supposed’ alien races that have visited earth etc.

You seen me say ‘supposed’ right?  Because most of this is utter nonsense so much so I laughed hysterically with the images that are shown throughout.

FYI, just as many people in the New Age community say they from very specific star systems which coincidentally are the star systems the ‘cabals’ have stated exist and put out into the public via their seers and books.

The same is with these alien races… coincidentally everyone who says they seen this or that, or ‘believe’ in this or that, fall 100% into alignment with what has been put out by the aforementioned entities.

So before some get triggered I’m not saying there aren’t certain ‘strangeness’ amongst us, but the strangeness that is true you won’t find on page 111 of Secret Teaching of All Ages or some vision by Madame Blavatsky.





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