Blade Runner 2049 – All three Prequel Short Films in chronological order

2022 - Black Out 2036 - Nexus Dawn 2048 - Nowhere To Run

The Complete History of the Mandalorians

  Legends: Material from 1977-2014 excluding the films and TCW* Canon: Material from the films, TCW, or 2014-onwards* Speculation: Very likely extrapolation for both canons, including things...

How The Inquisitor Killed So Many Jedi – Star Wars Explained

The inquisitor experienced much success in hunting down and killing his former Jedi brethren following order 66 with the inquisitor adding special tools into...

8 Light Side Orders That Competed With and Rivaled the Jedi Order

The Non-Canon Expert describes eight light side orders that despite their connection to the light side, rivaled and operated outside of the tenants of...

Top 10 Jedi that Survived Order 66

Top 10 Jedi that survived Order 66 based on a poll that over 4,000 people voted on for their favorite survivor.

The Incredible Japanese Prison Break

The Story Of Yoshie Shiratori The Prison Break Magician     Aomori, Japan. 1936. Prisoner Yoshie Shiratori had had enough. He was forced to confess to a murder...