Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation

Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation. Is the produce you're buying at the farmers market grown locally? Marketplace goes on an undercover shopping...

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Salt: Are you getting Enough? (More Sodium & Health)

Most people are taught to get less salt to be healthy, but for most cases *more* is likely safer.

A Different Kind of Force: Policing Mental Illness (2019)

An unflinching look at the crisis in the U.S. mental health system today by exploring the complex and often fraught relationship between the mentally...

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Why Mānuka Honey Is So Expensive

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The Cancer Cure Cover-Up – Real Stories

The modern biographical story of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who discovered an innovative patent-protected cancer therapy currently enrolled in FDA clinical trials. This story...

The 3 ghosts that are hiding in your DNA

Each of us has a history lesson lurking in our genes. Long dead viruses, jumping parasites and useless wrecks. Further reading: Human Errors (book) by...