5 Things PROVE Asteroid Hit Earth & RESET Advanced Ancient Human Civilization 12980 Years Ago

A Massive Cosmic Impact caused a Global Cataclysm 12,980 years ago, and a second event 11,600 years ago which caused incredible destruction to planet Earth, and Humanity. (Most likely an Asteroid/Comet Impacted Earth - Perhaps in some way related to the legends of Nibiru and Planet X? Evidence from the Younger Dryas Boundary prove that a cosmic impact to the North American ice-shelf and caused a rapid rise in global sea level in excess of 400Ft (122M).


This would also explain the more than 500 stories of a global flood, which is commonly referred to as the Deluge, or Noah’s Ark flood. Could this also explain the lost civilization of Atlantis?

Could this event be related in any way to the legends of Nibiru and Planet X which is said to have destroyed part of earth at that time?

There was also world wide temperature fluctuation of more than 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

All images were sourced from Google images and originate from the works of Brien Foerster (www.hiddenincatours.com) and watch his fantastic videos on evidence of lost ancient high technology on YouTube

And of course Graham Hancock (www.grahamhancock.com), John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and Randall Carlson. Be sure to check out Joe Rogan’s (PowerfulJRE – Joe Rogan Podcast) fascinating interviews with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock: 

It is also worth researching the comets and asteroids that have impacted Jupiter, and the Russian Meteor explosion that occurred in 2013 ( Chelyabinsk, Russia).

Could the Asteroid / Comet that impacted Earth be what the legends describe as Planet X or Nibiru colliding with the planet – or perhaps the theory of the Moon hitting Earth? Many doomsday stories and legends have been passed down for thousands of years across nearly every continent on Earth.



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